3 Period Underwear Brands For A More Sustainable Future

Historically, our monthly flow (or rather our managing of our monthly flow) has been somewhat unsustainable. Whether that be from the plastic applicators of a tampon to the plastic wrappers from our sanitary towels or pads that end up in the bin. In the world of sustainability, periods and menstrual health have often been overlooked. Thankfully, there are a number of brands that are working to change that by offering more sustainable options, including period underwear.


Period underwear is made with sustainable materials and help to reduce the amount of waste we produce each month. Below, we discuss the benefits of period underwear and why it is more sustainable than traditional methods like pads and tampons.


red period underwear decorated with flowers


What are the benefits of period underwear?


There are a number of benefits to using period underwear.


1. They are made with sustainable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly, while organic cotton is grown without the use of harsh chemicals. This makes them more environmentally friendly than traditional methods such as pads and tampons, which are often made with non-renewable materials such as plastic and rayon.

2. They help to reduce the amount of waste we produce each month. Pads and tampons can only be used once (if you are reusing your tampon, you’re doing it wrong…) but period underwear can be reused multiple times.


We are glad you asked! With a multitude of brands making waves in the menstruation market and offering underwear designed especially for your period, there can be a lot to choose from. Below, we have listed three of our favourite brands local to Vancouver, BC. They offer high-quality products and have made waves with their innovative designs for women’s underwear. Each have styles to suit every woman’s needs. All were founded by women (yay!) and are designed to make our monthly flow more sustainable, more comfortable and hot AF.


Rosaseven Lingerie


Founded by partners Delphine and Miriam, all of Rosaseven’s garments are handmade in Vancouver, BC. Their goal is ‘to make you look forward to your period without compromising on femininity and to break taboos around female menstruation’, which of course makes us their biggest cheerleaders.



“look forward to your period without compromising on femininity and [to] break taboos around female menstruation.”

REVOL Undies


Founder Sara was fed up with faffing around with her period and was over reusables. Vancouver-based and partnering with her husband Mayo and creating REVOL Undies, ‘their life goal is to improve the experiences for all menstruators and create a space where everyone feels like they can be “Free to Bleed”‘. That’s a hashtag right there, if you ask us #freetobleed.




Established in 1993 and previously known as Lunapads, Aisle was borne out of Vancouver (we are big on BC companies) by founders Suzanne and Madeleine with a company story that stretches back over thirty years. They are one of the very first to bring modern reusable period products to the world. It is safe to say that they know their stuff.


Is period underwear comfy, though?


Yes, it is! With a variety of brands out there, you will have no problem finding a style that you prefer. Also, most brands use a moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry, prevents leaks and helps to avoid that awkward conversation you had with your driving instructor when you were 17 about the blob on his driver’s seat. Just us? Ok.


A planet-friendly period


Our monthly flow is special. We are special. The planet is special (and fragile). If we can opt for more sustainable options once a month, then we can reduce the waste we produce. By opting for period underwear each month with local and sustainable companies, we can bleed in comfort while also saving the world. It’s a win-win and we are here for it.


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